Second Chances

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'Stephen Lawrence', by Harry Pye

27th July - 24th August 2017.
Harry Pye, Jessica Voorsanger, Claire de Lune,
Gavin Toye and Twinkle Troughton.
What is a second chance? Is it a new start? Could it be to learn lessons from old mistakes? Would an act of forgiveness give people the chance to try again? Or perhaps to some it’s a fresh opportunity.
For many artists moving to or setting up studios on the Kent Coast, their second chance has been to leave behind the faster paced uncertainties of city life, and, for some to even find somewhere to call home. As solid new networks are formed and bigger and brighter studio spaces are utilised, new roots can take hold, work progresses and ideas branch out
further afield.
Second Chances is an exhibition featuring two works from the following five artists, each of whom has a special connection to Thanet.

'The Lonely Wolf', by Twinkle Troughton
'The Lonely Wolf', by Twinkle Troughton
'After Penck', by Gavin Toye
'After Penck', by Gavin Toye
Jessica Voorsanger
Jessica Voorsanger