Andi Magenheimer - A Solo Show - Saturday 5th May to Sunday 27th May

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Andi Magenheimer makes drawings, watercolours and oil paintings on paper and canvas. Self portraits as lunch foods, psychic detritus of contemporary life glowing under the moon, surprised skeletons cursing at the moment of their death, and self portraits in great number and variety populate much of her current work– Being an “artist”, for her, is irrevocably tied to the history of artists – especially the big, macho European and American men, overbearing, phallic monuments, the vibrating power and comedic potential of “true love” and death. She also performs Lynchian cowboy songs on the guitar as “Dusty Miller”. Magenheimer graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2012 and The School of Visual Art in 2009. Awards include the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Special Projects Award, Burren Exchange, and the Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts.

Check out the Andi Magenheimer website for further information and Curriculum Vitae